donderdag 12 april 2012

Celebrate the Magic

From 1st April 2012, Disneyland Paris celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a whole year of special events and new surprises. Disneyland Park will stay open later for longer throughout the year with extended hours. So you have more time to make pictures of this magical world.
Thats why we desided to make a blogtrain for all of you who are in love whits this beautiful world of wonders. But ofcourse you can use it for all the pictures you have been taking at your last trip in Disneyland or WDW

You can travel true the world of Disneyland by visiting the blogs of 11 Designers of our  Dutch Digital Srapbook Board   and each and every one made a Marvelous kit for you.

I did my best at making you a kit for Main street,

Main street is where the magic starts and you`re always sure of a warm welkom

You're in small town America at the turn of the 20th century, where everyone wears a smile!
Disneys premiere department store is The Emporium with its Victorian storefront windows. The Horse-Drawn Streetcars take you from Town Square to Central Plaza and along the way, see life slowly becoming more 'electrified' as modern contraptions like horseless carriages and omnibuses compete for space!

When it's time for a break, there's no better place than Walt's - An American Restaurant for some old-fashioned dining. From here, you're not far from the soda fountain and ice cream favourites at The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour.

Main Street, U.S.A. is your connection to the magical world around you. And if you want to arrive in style...just board Disneyland Railroad and you're off!
So hop on board and get my
                                                   MEET ME ON MAINSTREET

 You can grab it by following these links 
                                                                          Papers 01
                                                                          Papers 02
                                                                          Tags and Wordart
                                                   I wish you so much fun scrappin your Lo`s

Here's what my fellow designers have created with it:

And don`t forget to grab the beautiful kits from the other designers.
You can find them on their blogs: Just click on the names to get there
                     Don`t forget to leave some love for everyone

                20 years DLRP  Entrance             Melanie
                Meet me on Mainstreet                 Hannie ( You are here )
                Fairytale Castle                             Sarah
                Frontierland                                  Raoul   
                Adventureland                              Jolien
                Fantasyland                                  Marieke
                Discoveryland                              Fiona
                Studio`s                                        Raoul
                Happy Birthday Disneyland         Renata
                The Village                                   Samantha
                Clusters and Wordart                    Annet

                                               Happy scrappin


woensdag 11 april 2012


We are going to celebrate Disneyland Paris' 20th birthday

So come back tomorrow and see what i and 10 other designers got for you